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We passionately believe that food should be celebrated and enjoyed!  That it should be tasty, as well as fresh and healthy.  With all of the advice about what we should and shouldn’t eat, the importance of simply enjoying good food is often forgotten. But not when The Contented Chef is doing the cooking!

Our chefs, in consultation with our dietician, are focused on providing food that is interesting, tasty, and nutritionally balanced. All of our meals are fully cooked and prepared, then snap frozen for maximum freshness, so you only need to re-heat and enjoy.

Fresh and local ingredients

We use fresh ingredients – locally sourced where possible – to create our dishes. We prioritise Australian produce, farmers and suppliers, and especially use our Queensland connections where possible.


Our menu is frequently refreshed, adding new and seasonal dishes.  We also encourage our customers to request their favourite dishes. We offer an extensive menu to choose from, catering to all tastes and preferences, as well as to specific dietary needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and texture modified.


No more wandering around the supermarket looking for inspiration or relying on takeaway meals.  Contented Chef meals are delivered right to your door, just re-heat and enjoy. Order online, by email or phone. There are no lock-in contracts making it easy for you to come and go as you please.


Our home-style meals are designed to be both nutritionally balanced and tasty. Choose from timeless favourites such as corned beef with mashed potato and greens to gourmet options like chicken mignon or poached cod with parsley cream.

Life is better when there’s soup. Our warming pea and ham, pumpkin or tomato soups are just a few of the delicious options to choose from, perfect as a starter or main if you’re after a light evening meal.

With our own in-house bakery you only have to get a whiff of our sticky date pudding to know you’ve made the right choice. Whether chocolate or fruit-based desserts are your thing, we’ve got the perfect finale to your meal.

There are many reasons that people might need texture modified foods and we have two ranges available to meet all nutritional and taste requirements:

Minced Moist (Texture B):  These foods do not contain any hard or sharp lumps.  They are soft and moist, and can easily be broken into smaller pieces or mashed.

Smooth Puree (Texture C):   Foods which are lump free and very smooth, but moulded to be visually appealing.  Available with extra sauce.

Purchasing your meals in one of our convenient Meal packs, will save you money. Choose from the Starter Pack (five of our most popular dinner meals, along with five of our most popular desserts), or the Roasts Pack (roast beef, chicken, lamb and pork and meat loaf, along with a selection of five mouth-watering desserts).   


We often make some of our products available at specially discounted prices. Click HERE to view our available specials, or check out our Value Packs.