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Who We Are

At Contented Chef, everything we do is driven by the belief that every person deserves to enjoy great tasting and nutritious food no matter what their stage in life.  We’re passionate about food! We talk about it all day, every day. And it is this love of food and fresh, quality ingredients – local where possible – that unites us in our mission to provide delicious, home-style, nutritionally balanced cooking to all our customers.

We are a team of passionate foodies a diverse group with international experience in five star restaurants, local clubs, hotels, resorts, aged care facilities and event catering.  We come from a range of cultural backgrounds and our influences are seen in the variety of the foods on our menu.

Customers at Home

It gives us so much pleasure to supply the kind of meals that people would want to cook at home for themselves. The timeless classics like roast chicken, to more adventurous tastes such as vegetable cashew korma curry.  So whether you’re in the mood for something as simple as bangers and mash, or your taste buds crave a more exotic fix like beef bourguignon, we’ve got you covered.


Wholesale Food Service

The Contented Chef provides an extensive range of cooked and ready-to-heat meats and components for making meals (e.g. sous vide meats, sauces, mashed potato) to a whole range of different food service businesses – from convenience stores to aged care homes, retirement living villages, to cafes and restaurants.  Our superb quality, fully prepared food is delivered to your door, helping to make your kitchen function much more smoothly and efficiently. Click HERE to see more information about our Wholesale Food Service options.

Our Quality Promise

When you eat food from The Contented Chef you can be confident it will be of the highest quality and nutritionally balanced for optimum health. Our in-house dietician constantly consults with our chefs and cooking teams to design meals and menus that are as good for hearts and waistlines as they are for taste!

The kitchen where we prepare our ingredients and cook all of our meals, meets the highest quality Australian food service standards, which is why it is approved and certified to international standards by HACCP.  And in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with something, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Our Facilities

The Contented Chef facility, which opened in December 2015 is located in Lytton, Brisbane. It is every chef’s dream with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art cooking equipment and high performance refrigeration storage facilities to keep food at maximum freshness and safety levels. As a purpose-built facility, we have the capacity for significant volume and the ability to function 24/7.

Our Location

Contented Chef
Ph: 1300 645 665

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

52 Trade Street, Lytton Qld 4178